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Tree Trimming, Tree Pruining, Preventative Maintenance for Trees 



Little Critters

Prevent damages
Prevent fire hazards
Prevent wiring damage
Prevent unhealthy breathing
Prevent unwanted smells
Prevent sounds at night

It's the small things that we do, like protecting the lawn.  It amazes me that some in our industry feel they did a good and cheap  job removing a tree for a homeowner.  Yea, it was cheap in preparation too.  Then the homeowner looks at the condition of the yard and sod  only to now realize after the "Lowest Rate Tree Contractor"  left, the homeowner now has to spend a few more thousand dollars to repair and re-sod the lawn.  Now the "total" cost not including loss time of use is actually a few more thousand dollars than the customer paid the "Lowest Rate" tree contractor.   For your knowledge, homeowner's insurance nor tree contractor's insurance does not pay for churned up lawns - sod nor  flowers or destroyed bushes.  So take this into account when you shop your  tree expert.


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Preventive Maintenance

Removal of Diseased Tree
Removal of Dead Limbs
Building a Canopy
Thinning of Unwanted Trees
Chipping abilities for mulch


Building a canopy
Raising the canopy
Shaping up trees
Aesthetics of trees
Health of trees
Increase survival rate
Chip limbs for mulch

"We Chip Your Wood - NOT Your Wallet!"

Our services go beyond storm cleanup.  As a matter of fact, proper maintenance of trees will many times prevent damages to structures such as your home or business due to falling trees and limbs. 

Homeowners & business who have tree trimming or removal projects often tell us they don't know what to expect. Our goal is to make the process as simple, comfortable and affordable for you as possible. We do this with excellent employees such as climbers with over 25 years experience, courteous ground crews, bucket trucks, chippers, tractors and other equipment that we have to accomplish most any task.  No upfront money or deposits as many companies require.
In addition, proper maintenance can assistant in preventing our little furry friends from jumping on to your roof and gaining access to the attic.

Removal of diseased tree , dead limbs and proper pruning of trees will allow a healthy tree to survive high winds and prevent the diseased and dead trees from falling on valuable property.  Many residents and business owners may not realize that winds are the results or actions of a weather front blowing in.  When a weather front comes through your area, most every time time precipitation will lead and or follow the front.  When this precipitation ( rain, sleet or snow ) leads the front, the limbs and trunks of the trees weigh more simply because they have absorbed water. 

This absorbed moisture makes the tree hundreds if not thousands of pounds heavier than before the rain, sleet or snow.  Complicate the matter, the soil is now wet and has become soft which allows less hold for the tree roots.  Now the winds pick up, and the soil can no longer hold the roots due to the fact the stress from the wind and water loads are too much to bear. 

In the event the storm comes through when the leaves are still on the trees can make this a triple threat because the leaves acts as a parachute catching more winds, similar to a billboard sign.  The recent hurricane "Sandy" in October of this year - 2012 had this effect because of all three factors - rain, snow (Western Maryland) and wind while the trees still had their leaves.   I remember as a kid, my mother, brother, dad and I would walk the fence lines after a wind storm had followed a heavy rain to make sure our cows and horses did not get out due to trees falling on the pasture fences.

Primary area of service: Henry, Clayton, Rockdale, Dekalb, Fulton, Fayette, Coweta, Spalding Newton and surrounding counties.