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Now that the storm has past and you are recovering from the shock and disappointment of experiencing damages to your property, certain steps need to be taken quickly to prevent additional damages.

Landrum Tree suggest that you take as many pictures as possible depicting the damages resulting from the fallen trees. 



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Tornado, Hurricane, Ice Storm & High Shear Wind Cleanup Services

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Landrum Tree has experience in working with Insurance Claim Adjusters and FEMA.  We cant say enough about documentation.  Most Insurance Companies, in the event they are backed up and cannot see the property for days, may allow you to remove the trees off the structure and then tarp to prevent additional damages due to rain, sleet, snow or ice from entering the home.  A call to your insurance company should be made first to verify these circumstances.

Snow, ice, tornadoes, hail and high-velocity winds are just a few of the natural perils trees experience. When storms damage trees, cleanup and recovery can be bewildering. Some injured trees can be treated and repaired to maintain their health and value to your home. Others should be removed. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decisions for your trees.

Safety first

Damaged trees often are tangled with overhead or down utility lines, creating a dangerous situation. Under no circumstances should you remove limbs that have electrical lines running through them. Treat all lines as if they were live; do not touch or approach them.

If there is no danger from electric lines, the first step is to remove trees or limbs that have fallen on your home or are blocking access. Look for hanging limbs up in the tree that could drop on your home or family.

Below are a few before and after pictures of past storms..

During Ice / Snow Storms, we are fully fueled, geared and ready to go. Our Altec bucket trucks are designed to work in these icy and dangerous conditions. To prevent serious injury and additional property damages do not hesitate to call us.

If a tree trunk, lead or branch breaks off and lands or makes any contact with an electric line this causes a dangerous situation.  Immediately call your electric utility contractor directly which in our area is Georgia Power or Snapping Shoals.   Stay far away and do not touch any parts of the tree whether trunk, limb or small branch or any  wires.

Stay clear of downed power lines and never approach any object caught in a tree and power-line simultaneously.
Never let your ladder touch a power line or a part of the tree such as limb or structure that is in contact with any part of electrical lines.
Many power lines are not insulated.   Therefore, if you touch a power line, you can or will be severely injured or killed.  Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous.
Make sure children do not climb trees that are anywhere near overhead power lines and lines that are in contact with down lines.